Saturday, May 10, 2008


Our Illinois parish is for sure getting a new pastor. The priest we currently have now has been at the parish for I'd say about 16 years and has been pastor for nearly 10. We've known for about two months that he is leaving and which parish he is going to, but not who the replacement is going to be. We have a retired priest also at the parish, but he is in no shape to be running things on his own. I have had very sharp disagreements with both of the pastor on the way things have been done at the parish (they're both pretty liberal on theology and practices at the parish), but he's a very nice person so now that he's leaving I feel bad. I'm also sort of concerned that we will get a replacement that is worse, something that I wouldn't have thought possible, but now that possibility seems also possible.

I won't write about the other parish, but things may or may not be changing there too. And hopefully if they do that will possibly mean we can get the Latin Mass. We had over 300 signatures requesting it, but neither the pastor or the Archdiocese seemed to care much. I guess we'll have to see.

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Marc said...

That is awesome 300!!! This is from one parish? Im suprised it has not happened yet. Here is a resource for you for a DVD training on the TLM.


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