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Republican Candidates for the 5th District

I'm Representive-less at the moment since Rahm Emmanuel took the job with Obama in Washington. We're having a primary election for the spot in March and the general in April.

There are 12 Democrats, 6 Republicans, and 5 Green Party Candidates. With the exception of a few signs in front of houses, I haven't seen a whole lot of info on these Republicans. So I'm taking a look at their websites.

Tom Hanson

This is the first Republican candidate on the ballot. I popped in on his website, and the first thing I see is "Liberal Republican". Well, I'll just say that if I wanted a liberal Republican I'd vote for a Democrat, even if a liberal Republican is the only one that had a chance.

I did take a look at his positions and I will be passing on him.

Abortion Debate
I favor the rights to abortion and will vote for restrictions that are permissible under Roe vs. Wade

Marriage Debate
I favor the idea that same sex couples should be allowed to enter into a legally binding agreement that guarantees them similar benefits as married couples.

The next candidate is Jon Stewart, well at least the first thing on his website isn't Liberal Republican even if there is a picture of him with John McCain.

I'm a little nervous with a couple of the bullet points he has on the front.

The Jon Stewart Guarantee:

To work steadfastly with President Obama to change our country
• To be fiercely independent in Congress
• Eliminate any contact with lobbyists
• To help my constituents' voices be heard throughout Washington
• Lower taxes for the middle class
To provide universal, affordable health insurance to Americans
• To change the way Washington works and operates

My fears seem to be justified, I go to his positons and there they are...

• Affordable health care for all Americans
• Protect a woman's right to choose
• End the war in Iraq
• Legalize ALL undocumented, law abidding immigrants

I'm going through these candidates as I write this, I hope that at least one will be worth voting for, even if he doesn't win.

Greg Bedell for Congress

This site is a little more difficult to navigate. It looks like the same format as Team Sarah, although I don't have a problem with Team Sarah's layout, I'm having a greater difficulty in finding out his positions. In his bio Bedell says:

Mr. Bedell, 49, said he is running for Congress to support a return to Republican fundamentals. His campaign is focused on developing creative solutions to the current challenges citizens face – solutions grounded in traditional Republican beliefs of fiscal responsibility and strong national security.

Sounds good so far, but what about the social issues? I had to do a search to finally get to where he stands on abortion.

Pregnancy is an extremely personal issue for a woman. I know the decisions relating to pregnancy and parenthood are rarely taken lightly. My wife and I have two children and I have witnessed the amazing changes, challenges and joys only she could feel. Seeing for the first time the ultrasound pictures of my daughter profoundly affected me; there, inside my wife, was another human being.

I understand that pregnancy forever changes a woman’s life. But, the change is the creation of life and I am opposed to ending it. We must educate to prevent unwanted pregnancies. We must recognize the real life difficulties and emotional dilemmas that woman face and with this understanding help them and provide assistance to those who want to have their babies but fear the costs and consequences of pregnancy and parenthood.

We must do all that we can to decrease the loss of this new human life. I will oppose any effort to permit the barbarous practice of late term abortions, except where the life of the mother is demonstrably at risk. And, I will oppose government funding of abortion.

But, in those instances where a family is faced with the horrible choice of saving the child or the mother, I can only stand by the choice I would make and that is to save the woman I love.

And on gay marriage

Civil Unions:
I am committed to Civil Unions and according to gay and lesbian couples the rights and responsibilities of two people united under the law. These loving relationships must be recognized. A compassionate society should do no less. I do not agree, however, that these unions should be called a marriage which, in our society, is the union of a man and a woman.

Well, he's better than the other two thats for sure, but still really not where I am.

Rosanna Pulido: Conservative for Congress: Common Sense for Illinois District 5

Well thats more along the lines of what I like to see. She doesn't have a lot of her positions up, but she is against illegal immigration and is pro-life.

Pro-LifePosted by tech On February - 8 - 2009One of the measures of a more highly civilized society, is its attitude towards its weaker members. If the poor, the sick, the handicapped, the mentally ill, the helpless are not protected, the society is not as advanced as in a society where they are protected. The more mature the society is, the more there is respect for the dignity and rights of all human beings. The function of the laws of the society, is to protect and provide for all members so that no individual or group of individuals can be victimized by another individual group. Every American has a vital stake in what value system is adopted towards its weak, aged, cripple, it’s helpless intra-uterine members; a vital stake in who chooses life or death.

Do we accept killing a human being because of a temporary, emotional upset? All obstetricians and gynecologists know of many cases where the mother, be her single or married, has spoken of abortion early in the pregnancy and later on, has confessed her gratitude to those who have not performed the abortion. On the other hand, we have all seen women what have been troubled, consumed with guilt and Depression following and because of abortion.

Abortion hurts women!

She is the best one for me so far.

Daniel Kay for Congress

His site is under construction right now, he has a bio page up with information about him, but not really his postions. He says:

With over 6,300 bills introduced to the 110th congress, it would be impossible to elaborate on enough issues. In a nutshell, the district is highly diverse and all parts of it need attention, not just those in the city limits as were the policies of the previous 2 5th district representatives in congress. Much effort had been placed to modernize O'Hare airport to bring in line with others around the nation, however, the majority of the airports viability is in freight and cargo. The infrastructure including federal highway US 12/45, which are vital to the success of the airport and surrounding rail yards, are in gross neglect. Recently the Mannheim Road bridge over the O'Hare rail yard was closed due to the frost heaves launching vehicles onto black ice and causing them to spin out. Because this road doesn't link the airport with downtown Chicago directly, the communities affected didn't have the ears willing to listen. Fairness to all is my basic doctrine. From Lake Shore Drive to County Line Road, and from Lake Street to Touhy Ave. all need their voices heard in Washington.

I will have to look back at him before the election to see what he has to say about the issues that are most important to me.

Finally, Dr. David J. Anderson

He is very outspoken about corruption in Illinois, which is admirable. My personal opinion of what he has written on his site is that he admires BO and agrees with him on various positions to different degrees. He really doesn't include any of his positons on the social issues. Like Daniel Kay I will have to look back before the election to see if he has added anything.

Based on what I have seen so far though, Rosanna Pulido is the best candidate for me.


Anonymous said...

It's getting hard to perceive any real difference between the GOP and Dems. "Republicrats" is becoming a pretty fitting name, since they have grown so close.

The party doesn't even care about issue integrity, and party message any more. It's only about how to get candidates elected. Then they go and do whatever they were going to do anyway.

That's why I, and many other Conservatives, bailed this last election. Because the GOP bailed on us.

catholicandgop said...

All it got us was BO though. Even McCain would be better.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go that far, heh ;p

catholicandgop said...

At least McCain has a problem with infanticide. That puts him far ahead of BO in my book.

Rosemary said...

I would go with Rosanna too. However she might feel about other issues she at least has it right on the morally defining issue of our time

Anonymous said...

How could you give even a sliver of support for Pulido!? This woman spews pure hate towards immigrants!

catholicandgop said...

Do you have any evidence of 'pure hate' towards all immigrants?

And who would you have supported Chris?

Anonymous said...

Come on, you can't be serious now. Every chance this woman is on television, radio or interviewed in the newspaper, she goes out of her way to talk about immigrants, and when she does so, nothing but vile comes out of her mouth. If you really want transcripts or video of this, I'll be more than happy to send you links. But I'm sure you can just google and find it as well.

I would have supported Dr. Anderson. I'm assuming you didn't have a chance to hear him speak on Michael Meved's radio show on Monday. I was very please with what he had to say.

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