Sunday, October 26, 2008

World Priest Day

Today was World Priest Day, a day for us to thank our priests for their service to the church and all of us.

I bought a card for the CCD kids to sign for our priest. I explained how today was a very special day to thank Father. I told them to take crayons, sign their name, and if they liked to draw some pictures. I pre-approved the pictures they were going to draw just to make sure they were appropriate - they're little and I didn't want to see them drawing guns, vampires or strange things like that. It wasn't a problem though, they each came up with appropriate pictures. The first boy drew a picture of a priest, the second a cross with flowers, the third a big cross, and the girl drew multi-colored hearts all over it.

I thanked each and every one of them for the nice drawing they did, and sealed it up. Then they asked to color the envelope. They got a little zealous with their coloring, and we ended up with crosses and hearts, swaths of color, and even a few of their names on the envelope. But it was adorable and I think Father will appreciate it.

Thank you to all our priests!


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