Monday, April 02, 2007

Job Hunt Again

I've just been having a couple really bad days. I'm really down about myself. Here I am sitting with a degree that cost I don't even know how many thousands of dollars and I'm working in a sandwich store. There isn't anything necessarily bad about the work itself, but I feel underused and underemployed. I sent in my resume to a couple of places that I really wanted to work, I went to one interview. She told me she'd let me know by that Wednesday, that was a few weeks ago. Wednesday evening I called and left a follow-up phone message to check in and see how things were going and I never did hear back. I guess I'm not even as disappointed that I apparently didn't get the position that they didn't even bother to return my call. I had another one just like that right after graduation, went to the interview they said they'd get back to me the next week and then nothing. People keep telling me that thats the way most of them go, but I'm starting to feel that maybe the sandwich store is the best I can do.


Anonymous said...

seriously, don't come down too hard on yourself.
if it makes you feel any better, I'm looking at flipping burgers for cash soon. Man I hope i land a better job than that soon.
And I hope you land a better job than what you have soon.

I remember that a while back a friend of mine went and got a four year degree in (I think) anthropology. After graduation he delivered pizzas for several month. lol!
And now he has better employment, but still nothing having to do with his degree.

Esther said...

Sunny, I agree with Lounge Daddy. The perfect job is out there but maybe it's not the right time yet. Are you using a headhunter to help you look?

C-C-G said...

I looked long and hard before a temp agency got me my current geek job.

One thing to remember is that "work" doesn't care who does it. If there is something that needs to be done, there is no dishonor in not doing it, regardless of what anyone thinks. And wanting to work puts you several steps above those that just want to lounge around on welfare.

C-C-G said...

Oops, wouldn't ya know, I goofed on that comment, and didn't notice it till I'd hit "publish."

I meant, there is no dishonor in doing it (work).

Anonymous said...

c-c-g is dead on in his comments.

Now Gop, hit the brush! Find that rabbit! LOL!

Guess, lol!

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