Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween & All Saint's Day

So yesterday was Halloween. I had semi-plans to hang out with friends, but those fell through and we're going to do that today, so I went to RCIA, which I'm glad I did. I had to laugh though, Mom attached mini-holy cards to all our candy and when she passed them out she reminded the kids that tomorrow (today) was All Saint's Day. I told the people at church that if they get a bunch of kids at mass tomorrow (today) clutching candy wrappers they know where they all came from.


I went to 8:00 mass (I almost wrote class) this morning, but now I'm just exhausted. What I had done, or should say what I hadn't done was change the time on my alarm clock. I don't use that clock other than for the alarm, using my digital cable box and computer to tell me what time it actually is the rest of the time, so it was an hour ahead. So when my clock woke me up at 7:30 it was actually 6:30, and I got all messed up.

I think given the opportunity right now I would crawl under this desk and go to sleep, but I have a feeling the other students would notice.

I've got a post in mind for All Saints Day which I'll do later.

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