Monday, October 02, 2006

New Pastor and RCIA

Since the death of Fr. Fred in February we've been on edge as to whether or not we would be getting a new pastor for our parish. Former Archbishop Weakland did a good job of decimating the archdiocese of Milwaukee, and vocations is one thing that specifically suffered greatly under him. We were worried that our parish would be closed because it is a relatively small parish, although we've got some stuff going for us (its the oldest parish in Kenosha, and the second oldest in Wisconsin - so I hear).

Since February we've had a retired priest acting as an interim pastor, but honestly I don't think he was fit for the job, you could tell her was in not the best of health and I think doing all the masses was hard on him. Yesterday we found out that we were assigned a new pastor and associate pastor... sort of. We're going to be sharing the pastor and associate of the next parish over.

What exactly this means we're not sure. I simply interpreted it as 2 helping out to take care of our parish instead of one. But others in the family have had other interpretations - both positive and negative. So now I'm not quite sure how to view it all, but it does remind me to keep praying for vocations.


Tomorrow starts RCIA classes at our other church (I go to two). Dad is of course starting RCIA, but I'm going to go with because even though I am a life-long Catholic I still have a lot to learn. I feel that the catechism classes I took as I was growing up were poor in the teachings of the church, and I hope this will help me to catch up so to speak. Well that and I wouldn't want Dad to know Catholic stuff that I didn't.

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