Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kenosha Planned Parenthood

I had yesterday off of school. It's sort of a midterm mental health day or as they call it the Fall Long Weekend. Amusingly though even though everyone has the day off of class if you work on campus as I do you still needed to come to work. Well, forget that, I found someone to work for me. We came up Kenosha Thursday night because Sr. Briege McKenna was going to be at St. Mark's in Kenosha. I didn't go, but Mom did (I'll have pictures tomorrow from that). I skipped a class to come up Thursday night, but from the email I got from the professor I take it a lot of people took off Thursday's class.

Anyway, Friday morning we met the local pro-lifers for breakfast and went to the abortion clinic in Kenosha. I forget if I've written about doing this in Kenosha before (I know I wrote about it on LJ, because one of my friends got mad at me for the sign I carried). Thats the biggest difference between when we do pro-life prayer in front of an abortion clinic in Kenosha as compared to downtown Chicago. In Kenosha we hold signs. I'm soooooo not a sign person, but since thats what everyone does I do too. And just like last time I got the:

Birth control
Danger! Danger!


Whats interesting, at least to me is how much response you get from passersby. That is the other big difference between Kenosha and Downtown Chicago. In Chicago you will get a rare person yelling at you and an occasional flip off, but in Kenosha there is tons of reaction.

People honk a lot. I usually take that as positive feedback, but I guess we'll never know. People wave a lot. And people yell at you. It happens at least a few times everytime we've been there and yesterday was no exception. We weren't even there 15 seconds yesterday when 3 or 4 young guys in a car screamed at us as they hung out their speeding car's window. Another guy yelled "Go Home!" and another apparently missing the irony of shouting "Get a life!".

Interestingly enough though that it always seems to be men. I'm sure not all the women who passed us by were happy with our presence there, but only men took it upon themselves to verbally express their displeasure at us. One thing I can say though, as they drive by nearly everyone looks at us. I was standing there with my sign and I could see that as people drove by they turned and looked at our signs. Maybe standing out there did no good, but maybe, just maybe it will make someone stop and think in the future.

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