Wednesday, September 20, 2006


We've been having an interesting discussion on Conservababes. It began as a discussion as to whether or not the Pope caved and turned into a discussion on respect for others beliefs. I find this an interesting discussion and you may want to check it out and chime in.

Pope Caves Thread

There is also an interesting column on Opinion Journal about the whole Benedict ... well I don't know what to even call this. Fiasco? PR nightmare? Blunder? I don't like any of those because I don't think they are any of those, with except to the PR nightmare.

Check out Pope Provocateur

It delves into the debate in a way that I really have not been seeing anyone do. And I've actually been waiting for people to notice Benedict's criticisms of other groups, including protestants and it really has never quite come. A lot of this probably comes from our love of soundbytes and I'm no better since I like sound bytes too. A soundbyte is easy while reading the whole of his speech is not so. If you haven't read it I suggest you do, or at least read the parts in question.

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