Friday, September 22, 2006

Another Pope Post

Its so interesting to me how some people would rather blame the Pope for what he said then to blame those who shoot little old nuns in the back and burn churches. Have we become a society so afraid of extremists that we are afraid to even accept the words of the Holy Father that God does not like violence?

I think a big problem is that people haven't read the speech or they don't understand it. I'm not claiming to understand it all either, afterall Benedict is THE theologian and it makes sense that its very difficult to understand. But I think Fr. Jonathan (maybe I should start the Fr. Jonathan Fan-Club) hits it right in his most recent column.

Before the world turns its attention on another story, let's recall the lesson in rationality Pope Benedict delivered.

1. Human reason is capable of apprehending the truth about God and man, even if in an imperfect manner. Reason and faith are not at odds.

2. God himself is bound by truth and goodness. Theology that insists on God's absolute “transcendence” or “otherness” sets the stage for sophistry, where zealots can make him say or do whatever they want.

3. If we divorce faith from reason (as some philosophers of the “Enlightenment” tried to do) or reason from faith (fundamentalism of all types), there is no foundation for intercultural dialogue.

4. Excluding religion and morality from intellectual discourse and public life (as Europe has done and America is imitating) is seen by other cultures (Islam) as “an attack on their most profound convictions” In other words, when Muslims see Western immorality and decadence it is easier for them to “justify” irrational behavior.

Does that sound like a bigot? Not to me. It sounds like a Pope who, anymore, is not just for Catholics.

Additionally, I got this from Priests for Life in an email last night.

Several important reminders...First, in these days when the Holy Father
is under particular attack, if you want to send him a message of
support and prayers, our staff in Rome will deliver it to the offices of the
Pope. Just write your message to We
will get the email, and then convey it through our Rome office.

Well here's my set of article links for the day, in addition to Fr. Jonathan's blog linked above.

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