Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Faith Alert of Magenta

I just finished one post when I saw another topic to do... how was I supposed to know that Lino was going to update?

I thought this was a great point. I need to make a magenta faith alert bar.

Well the big news in flying, of course, is that we can no longer travel with any liquids on the plane. I hear they're not even allowing Mel Gibson to bring booze on the plane! And you know what group of people he blames for that.

But anyway...

No liquids. Which for some reason also means no hair gel.

NO HAIR GEL! Hello? What do you mean I can't bring hair gel on the flight? I honestly think they made this rule to be prejudiced against Italians. I mean, next thing you know, they're gonna ban pinkie rings and force us to button our shirts all the way to the top.

So my hair ended up as flat as most of my jokes...

But what really bugs me about the new rules? That when this current crisis ends, we'll eventually get lax and soon enough I'll be bringing my beloved hair gel back on the plane.

I guess that's human nature, of course. When there's a crisis, we all tense up. But over time, we go back to our old ways.

And the same can happen with our relationship with God.

When we find out we've got cancer, God is super important. When we find out the tumor is benign, we thank Him for settin' us up so well and we move on.

But at the risk of sounding like a politician: we have to always remain vigilant.

Maybe, like the terror alert color-coded system, we need something to remind people when their faith is important and when it isn't?

(Of course, we'd always be on a heightened state of awareness. Because we really don't have an excuse for letting down our guard on the faith).

So let me inform you we are on a faith alert of magenta. Just because magenta is a cool word to say.


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