Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Has It Been This Long?

I guess I didn't realize how long its been since I've written on here. Being sick doesn't prevent me from being on the computer, actually I'm on more than ever before (which is amazing). I guess I just don't have anything good to say on here, I've been doing the facebook thing instead.

After tonight though I won't have any work or school for the forseeable future so maybe that means I will have more time for this blog.

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Catholic and politically conservative, I graduated with a BA in History (concentration in American) and Political Science. I'm between two parishes; one in Wisconsin that is fairly traditional, and one in Illinois that is fairly liberal. I teach CCD. I work in the food service industry, which basically means I'm working in fast food until I find a better job. I'd like to work for the church somehow. Right now I'm working on getting my teaching certification, although I'm unsure thats the correct path for me. This blog is as random as I am. I hope you enjoy.