Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm Finished With This Guy

Remember in My Cousin Vinny when Vinny was done cross examining the one witness he ends by saying, 'I'm finished with this guy' or something along those lines? Thats a pretty accurate description of how I feel about Senator Brownback right now.

Brownback issued a joint statement with fellow senator from Kansas, Pat Roberts, congratulating the Governor.

"It's an honor for the State of Kansas to have an elected official appointed to the president's cabinet," stated the senators. "We are hopeful Governor Sebelius will be a voice for Kansas and rural America at the Department. We look forward to working with her on issues important to the state including a National Cancer Institute Designation at the University of Kansas Cancer Center."

ALL's Judie Brown on Sen. Brownback: "I'll never use 'pro-life' to describe him again"

I had been a fan of Senator Brownback, I supported his (short) run in the primary, and always appreciated his strong pro-life support. I can't understand why he would kiss up to Sebelius like this, she is extremely pro-abortion and is an ally of Tiller the Killer. I guess political expediency is more important than the lives of unborn children.


April Sky said...

I'm not catholic, but I am conservative. It is amazing how many infants are aborted.

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DR said...

I wrote him off during the Primary, after initially supporting him. He struck me as an opportunist and unfortunately this proves it. I don't understand how someone who calls themselves pro-life could sell out like this. The only thing that makes sense is if he thinks it will help him win the governorship. I understand that is what he has planned. If so, it is disgusting.

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