Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catching Up Post

My new computer came last week so I've been playing that more lately than anything else. The bad thing is that its not hooked up to the internet yet so I haven't been keeping up with my internet stuff as much. I've seen lots of stuff that I wanted to post on here, I just haven't done so.


Doug Barry and Eric Genuis (of Radix) were at my church over the weekend, they did a talk, question answers sort of thing, and Doug did his one-man passion play. Eric performed before each of the masses, but I missed it as I was sick Sunday morning.

Eric Genuis

Doug Barry Doing Passion Play
(As Pontius Pilate)


Holy Cards for your inspiration had this card one day last week and it tied in actually with what Doug and Eric were talking about.

Meaning of most of the Dutch words on the card:[At the top:]"If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me."[On the great cross:]"I am weighed down by all of your sins."[Some of the words on the small crosses:]"Scrupulosity, Disgrace, Ignorance, Sadness, Torments, Injuries, Severity, Contempt, Poverty, Humiliations, Adversity, Sorrow, Loss of Friends, Illnesses, Trials, Crimes, Disfavor, Misdeeds, Loss of Goodness, Lukewarmness, Prosecutions, Insults"


I'm going to try to update on stuff throughout the day. I did want to post about the horrendous attack on religious freedom in Connecticut (BTW I have a mental block on the spelling of Connecticut).

I have to get through my email which has been piling up so much over the past week. I used to love checking my email, now most of the time I dread it.

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