Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Autom Rocks

I've been doing this thing with my kids in CCD, if they behave well they get a star, not so well they get a X, 2 Xs get rid of 1 star. At 10 stars they get a prize. I instituted this policy, then I realized that I would have to start buying prizes. One thing that I think is funny that has come out of this is that one of my students from last year that always acted up is now the best behaved student. He was first to get a prize and he is farthest along towards 10 at the moment too.

The first thing I bought them was this picture frame with an image of the Sacred Heart. I have a couple extras up in Kenosha, I should take a photo of it since it looks like they don't offer it anymore. I don't remember exactly, but I think they were each about $.50. They are pretty good quality too, sturdy.

When I gave the student the prize he said next time I should give them a something to do with Mary. So knowing that this prize is coming up soon I got them these rosary boxes. They are only $.99 each. They came in the mail on Monday. They look just like this one, except instead of St. Jude on top its Our Lady of Grace.

Not to pass up a deal though a few days later I ordered these as Easter presents for $4.99.

I had bought these as Christmas presents, I think they were about $3 each. I bought an extra one and we set it up in my Dad's hospital room over Christmas. The kids really seemed to like them too.

Nativity Closeup

I think I probably buy them too much stuff. I never see the other classes getting little gifts, and I never remember getting anything much from CCD other than those cheap $.50 rosaries (the glow in the dark ones were the best!). But, oh well.


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