Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just So We're Clear...

Obama is not God. And I wish everyone would stop portraying him as if he were.

There has to be something seriously wrong with these people. They are either completely delusional, or just plain mean. Either way I'll stick with my comment that there is something wrong with them. It in some ways reminds me of Obama as St. Martin de Porres before the election, but much worse. I have yet to see Obama portrayed as an important figure of another faith, perhaps they can stop with the Christian imagery and try for something else. I'm sure the Muslim world would be thrilled if he were shown as Mohammed (on multiple levels).

Mary and Obama?: Help protest desecration of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon in Bend, Oregon

H/T A Catholic Mom in Hawaii

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Anonymous said...

That picture strikes me as hilarious, if only for it's sad small-mindedness.

Have we, as a society, really lost our sense of the sacred to such a huge degree?

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