Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aftermath of Ike - Flooding

Chicago was hit relatively hard with flooding over the past few days. It rained heavily on Saturday, and then Sunday the remnants of Ike came through and added to the misery. My area is in pretty good shape now, the past few days the big thing has just been getting around town. There have been a lot of roads closed off due to the flooding, and it has been hard finding a street that can take you over the Des Plaines River. The Chicago Tribune has some really amazing shots of the flooding, and people dealing with it.

Right near my house though there is a cemetery (we always call it the Greek Cemetery), and it flooded. Even though we need to be concerned about the health and welfare of those alive and dealing with the effects of the storm, it was really sad to see the cemetery flooded like that. My sister, grandparents, and great-grandparents are buried at the cemetery across the street from this one, and it seems to have been spared the flooding that this cemetery was hit with.

I took these pictures of the cemetery this morning. Its not nearly as flooded as it was yesterday and the day before, but you can see there is still a lot of damage. As I was walking around I rescued a couple of worms that were drowning in the water - I probably should have thought twice before I did because the water is dirty and smelly, but its something I've done since I was a kid.

Looking for Loved Ones

Drying Out






Mount Carmel

Sacred Heart


Flood and Our Lady


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Anonymous said...

Wow, you did receive a lot of rain.

I hope you dry out soon.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Those pictures are absolutely fascinating.

EC Gefroh said...

My goodness! I didn't realize your area was affected too.

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