Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Slow Day

The Sox just won the game in 14 with a 3 run homerun from Swish. I actually can't believe I sat here and watched the whole game, they were down 6 - 1 at one point early on. Thats cool. The fans that stayed for the whole game got quite a show. I'm supposed to go to the game on Thursday with my Dad, I'm looking forward to that.

Today was a slow day. We had the big storms last night, the power went out around 8 or 8:30 and didn't come back on until 1:30. I'm glad it came on when it did, it was getting hot in the house and I was waking up about every 20 minutes or so. It was just an overall weird night. I was working on my computer about 7:45 or so when I heard my Dad calling me, I opened the door to see what he wanted and he said we needed to get in the basement because the sirens were going off. I grabbed a pillow, unplugged my laptop and ran downstairs with it.

Bringing the laptop for me actually makes a lot of sense. When we do get these storms where we do have to retreat into the basement I usually start getting nervous as all there is to do is turn on the TV and think about the storm overhead. With the laptop I could follow the storm, but also do other things, post on some message boards and think about some other things too.

After the first big storm passed we were all ready to go back to our normal stuff when the power went out. Funny thing is even when the power is out there is still a glow in the sky from the city so it wasn't pitch black. I could see there were all kinds of branches down in front of our house and I could look out the frontroom window and see that there was a very large branch blocking the street (I live on an intersection between two streets that make a T so it wasn't my street that was blocked it was the other). I got to watch all kinds of cars try to go down that street, then turn around and go back. As time dragged on it was getting hot and I was bored. I ended up watching some videos on my Zune. The power was spotty at best this morning, but it seems to be on for good now. We are lucky because there are a lot of people who don't have power right now and may not have it for a few days.

I ended up not doing too much today. The big highlight of the day seemed to be when Hogan's Heroes came on TV this afternoon. Hopefully there will be more going on tomorrow. Looks like another hot day, I'm really not looking forward to walking to the bus.

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