Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catholics Just Don't Have Rhythm

Its true.

I went to the 'youth mass' this evening. They did this rock-pop version of the Gloria and people started clapping. It wasn't a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I went to a Praise and Worship mass a couple weeks ago, and it was interesting - I think I've seen every kind of mass you can see now - the usual/vanilla mass, the gospel-music mass, the bongo-drum mass, the polka mass, the rock mass, the Latin Novus Ordo mass, and the old-school Latin high mass.

Just out of curiosity - Did St. James in Kenosha get a new pastor when Mt. Carmel did? I know both used to be staffed by Indian priests, but a couple months ago Mt. Carmel got a new pastor. I was wondering if that new priest also now celebrates mass at St. James or if they still have the Indian priests.

catholicandgop said...

Sorry, I'm just running behind on everything. St. James has the same pastor, our associate priest has moved on though.

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