Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Police Activity

So today I was taking the bus to work and we cross the railroad tracks and a police car is there directing traffic to other streets off the main one we were on. The police let the bus go through I imagine because vehicles like buses and semi-trucks can't go down any of the other nearby streets. As we went down this street towards my work every intersection had police cars, SUVs, and even a squadroll, with officers suited up with bulletproof vests. I looked down one block and there was a large truck with a satellite dish on the top, although it didn't appear to be a news truck, more like a police vehicle. My stop was the one after the last blocked off street, my work was only a few blocks away from where all this was going on.

So I walked into work a few minutes late (with all this going on the bus was late, so I was late). So I say to my boss 'whats going on down here?'. He didn't know anything about it. I had to work until 9:30, and figured when I'd get home I'd see something about it on the Trib website or on the news or something. But nothing. I can't find a thing about what was going on. So, something may or may not have been going on, I can't tell.


chris said...

I'm assuming you work in downtown Chicago- my husband commutes, and said there was a big pro-life demonstration of some sort (he paused to thank one of the folks). Not sure of the actual location, or yours, but perhaps related?

chris (I really need to register with blogger....)

chris said...

Of course, this fits with the papers not mentioning anything about it!


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Good thing that the msm reports on the truly important things. lol

Be sure to post if you find out what was going on. Enquirer minds wanna know :)

catholicandgop said...

Nope, I'm not anywhere near downtown (I didn't know anything about the pro-life demonstration either though). This is between Galewood and Elmwood Park along Harlem Avenue. It's weird, I haven't found mention of it anywhere except a post on a local message board also asking what happened because it was completely ignored in the media.

chris said...

Obama using the gym?


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