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Priests from Nebraska lead rite's resurgence of Latin Mass

Priests from Nebraska lead rite's resurgence of Latin Mass
Christopher BurbachOmaha World-Herald, Neb.
Released : Saturday, May 31, 2008 4:00 AM

May 31--LINCOLN -- A cardinal from the Vatican, surrounded by 50 priests.

Gregorian chants floating through clouds of incense.

A 3 1/2 -hour Mass, sung in Latin mostly by priests facing the altar.

A cathedral packed to standing-room-only with lots of families with lots of children, women and girls in veils, men in suits, boys in neckties and close-cropped haircuts.

Catholics kneeling to take communion.

The ordination at Lincoln's Cathedral of the Risen Christ on Friday seemed oh-so-retro. But it was hardly an exercise in nostalgia. It was more like back to the future for a small but growing minority that seeks a louder voice in the Roman Catholic Church -- those devoted to the old Latin liturgy known as the Tridentine Mass.

It's a big deal for Catholics because many equate bringing back the Tridentine Mass, which dates to the 16th century, with rejecting the 1960s reforms of Vatican II. Proponents see it as finally bringing back sacredness, God-oriented reverence and tradition that had been left behind.

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I had looked forward to seeing and recording this the other day, but I forgot to record it so I missed most it, but I saw some of a replay later in the night. Such reverence, its beautiful.

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