Friday, June 27, 2008

How We Treat Animals

I walked over to CVS after work today. There was a guy tying up his dog on the bike rack while he went inside. Its way too hot out there to be leaving the dog out there long, so I'm sort of trusting that he was going to come back soon. Sweet dog, looked like a German Shepherd or he had some in him, didn't make a noise at me when I walked by, just wagged his tail. But the man is standing 15 feet away yelling at the dog to sit down. I don't know if he really believed that the dog was going to sit there as opposed to stand while he was in the store or not, but I have to say it made him look like a psycho.

I generally believe that how people treat animals tells us a lot about how someone will treat other people. Its not 100%, but I think its a good indicator. Well I went into CVS and pick up the items I wanted and I see the dog's owner walking through the store with this angry look on his face, giving dirty looks to everyone. Now maybe I just caught this guy in a bad mood or something, but he was a scary guy. When I walked past him I averted my eyes just to avoid him. Usually I smile at people when I walk past them, this guy just made me want to run away.

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