Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Smell

Last week we started noticing a funny smell by our back door. We thought maybe it was from our neighbor's yard because they often have plumbing problems. We didn't think a whole lot about it before we went on our trip. When we came back yesterday the funk was still there. As I was bringing stuff back into the house I saw that there was a lawn waste bag underneath the porch. Aha! That must be it. So I mentioned it to my brother and he dragged the back out to the alley.

This morning the funky smell was still there. My Dad took a look underneath the porch and there rolled up among some old leaves was a dead squirrel. Now before you ask he didn't look close enough to see the cause of death, but my parents have been running with the assumption that one of my two doggies did the deed. I happen to believe the little guy was sitting in the shade one day and had a heart attack and died. ;)

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Lounge Daddy said...

Hmmm... been noticing a funny smell the past few days coming in from the back windows, from the direction of the ally.

There had been a skunk patrolling the ally by night the past few years. Coincidence? Maybe I ought to go look for a carcass.


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