Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Call

Monday I dropped off two resumes at nearby schools. Today at 3:36 I got a call from one of them. And by 3:40 I had an interview. I'm absolutely excited and nervous. Between now and my Monday morning interview I need to brush up on Macs.

I'm so excited right now, but I'm also dreading the disappointment that has followed the other interviews I have been on. I know that if nothing comes of the interview I haven't lost anything and that I'll be at the same place I am now. We should live our lives always hopeful of things to come. But I fear the disappointment that often follows.


Lounge Daddy said...

Nothing to lose. Good luck! I'll say a prayer for ya' :)

Lounge Daddy said...

What did I ever do to Yahoo? :p

Esther said...

Praying Sunny!

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