Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Latest on Fr. Corapi

I got this in an email

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Here is the latest on Fr. Corapi. Some of you had written asking if Fr.
Corapi was really ill.

Many of us have been concerned about Father Corapi and his health. The
rumors were indeed true, but thanks to Father Corapi's /Weekly Wisdom/
program, , he addressed the whole health issue on his 29
March program. For non-subscribers, here is an overview.

Bottom line, Father Corapi has a parathyroid tumor and will be going back to
the Mayo Clinic next week for surgery. It's a very rare (1:167,000 men get
it) tumor, which 98% of the time not cancerous. The good news is they ruled
out lymphoma, which is what they thought he had. He goes t hrough great
detail explaining and extolling the Mayo Clinic, his tests, and our
obligation to keep our bodies as healthy as we can. He also said for the
past 7 months he was too sick to get out bed 70% of the time; intense
exhaustion with flu-like symptoms (a result of the excess calcium this type
of tumor causes, in addition to osteoporosis) . Surgery is the only cure.

As you might suspect, he turned his experience into a redemptive suffering
lecture, reminding us that God's true power comes via our weakness. He also
touched on what I've seen more and more recently especially among strong
Catholics close to Mary and who offer their sufferings and that is the
obvious - how much the world right now needs the help of redemption from the
souls willing and able to offer it back to Christ via Mary, united to the
cross. I'm sure most of us figured out it was pretty obvious that God
needed Father Corapi's suffering especiall y during Holy Week.

He talked in fairly great detail about his week of tests; including the
anxiety for his family, about maybe 'checking out,' i.e., having cancer,
etc. With his humor, he joked about the benefit and happiness of dying

(except for the pain to his family), rather than having to endure and see
the face of a certain US Presidential candidate. He quite seriously said
death would be better than having to endure this gentleman for the next four
years, should he become president. Yikes!

Anyway, please spread the world to keep the Padre in your prayers. His
favorite prayer is the Memorare, which is what he asked be prayed for him
when he was first admitted to the Mayo Clinic. He wrapped up his segment
with the profound words from his thesis on redemptive suffering: /To be set
at the foot of the cross is to be set at the pinnacle of all human

Our Sorrowful Mother's Minist ry

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Ray from MN said...

It was announced, this evening, on EWTN Live by Father Mitch Pacwa, that Father Corapi had been at Mayo and would be unable to make his appearance next week on that show.

But there was no other information, certainly nothing like you have provided. Thank you for doing that. I have spread it to people in Minnesota for prayers for Father Corapi.

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