Monday, April 07, 2008

Green Hornet

I'm on sort of a streetcar kick this afternoon I guess (maybe I'm wishing I'm there and not here). I agree with one of the comments on the video, they need to advertise it a little more.

If you live in Chicago and you want to ride a Green Hornet streetcar, you have three choices: Go 70 miles to the Illinois Railway Museum, where the only survivor of a Green Hornet fleet that once numbered 600-plus trundles around a short loop. You can go 2,000 miles to San Francisco and ride the F Market line, whose fleet of antique streetcars includes one painted to look like a Green Hornet.

Or, you can take the UP North Line Metra train 90 miles north to Kenosha, where a fleet of five PCC streetcars, including this replica Green Hornet, awaits you. On a warm, beautiful summer day, with the windows open and the Lake Michigan breeze kissing your face, there's no better ride.

And, it's wheelchair accessible! How much better could it get?

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