Saturday, March 15, 2008

Prayers for Life

This morning we were saying our prayers in front of the abortion clinic we usually pray in front of in Chicago (659 W. Washington Street). Towards the end of our prayers a group of Orthodox Christians came to say their prayers. There was a bishop and several other people there. They were very friendly, they invited us to join their prayers (I believe they said they were saying a requiem). We still had the prayers we were going to say so we didn't join in, but it was pretty awesome hearing them singing their prayers and we were singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Its not often, at least in my experience, to see other faiths out praying in front of the abortion clinics. I know people do, but it seems like people feel like they can't be there at the same time as another faith. I've heard of places where Catholics and Protestants used to go at the same time, but then one group doesn't like the prayers the other group is saying so they stop coming. Its completely ridiculous. The prayers may be different, but its all to the same God and all for the same reason, to save the little ones. I don't care who comes, whatever faith they hold or what prayers they have to say, just come.



Athanasius contra mundum said...

Its neat that as you guys were leaving they were beginning.
It really is a shame that we can't set aside our differences to work together on the things we have in common.

Ma Beck said...

That is so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Lounge Daddy said...

very very nice. :)

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