Thursday, February 21, 2008

Men in Education

I was thinking about a discussion I had at school last week. One of my guys in my class was talking about why he wants to be a teacher. He said he would like to be a strong male role model because many kids don't have that in their lives (as he didn't when he was young). But he said when he tells people that the most common reaction is 'oh so you want to hang around with little boys'. What do you guys think about men as teachers, particularly in the younger grades? Weird or not so?

Teaching, especially in elementary school, is dominated by women [I think the first time I had a male teacher was 6th grade history], but I think maybe many kids could benefit from the presence of men in the classroom. Last semester when I did my observations in a 1st grade class there was one little boy who had some behavior problems. He would at times get very combative against the teacher, and wouldn't listen to what she was telling him. You could see he was challenging her authority every time, just seeing how far he could go. One day he was particularly problematic, laying on the floor, throwing items, etc. and the office was called. A pretty large man came and got the boy. I'm not sure who the guy was, I wasn't at the school long enough, but he was obviously some member of the staff. A little while later he brought the boy back, sat him down in the chair, and stood there while he did the work he was supposed to have been doing with no problems. I remember thinking then maybe this is what this boy needed. He didn't respect the teacher, but this big guy he was going to listen to.

Maybe a lot of these boys (and girls too) need a positive male influence in their lives that they sadly aren't getting at home, but they aren't getting them in school either. What are your views on this?


Cathy said...

Yes, men can have a wonderfully positive impact on young, fatherless boys, so prevalent today.

I would be furious if I was that guy and someone said that to me.

Why does EVERYTHING in this country have to relate to sex, usually some freaky, unnatural sex?

I wish him well. One of my male cousins is a kindergarten teacher, and beloved by all his students and their parents.

Scott M. Frey said...

I teach 8th grade CCD, our other 8th grade CCD teacher is a man as well. I love my kids for their innocence, their unconditional faith,their curiosity and and especially when they are occasionally interested in what I am teaching in class, lol.

The rest of our CCD teachers for grades 7-K are all ladies, oddly enough. I hadn't thought about that until I read this post.

I mean undoubtedly, there are male teachers out there with one purpose in mind, to get close to kids. But, I have to believe that 99.9% of male teachers out there are like you and me, wanting to do the right thing, and share with kids.

I believe that both women and men have unique qualities to share with kids in public, private and religious education.

I don't spend much time worrying about the segment of our society that is "lawyer happy" and that expects only the worst from people. Niether should you lose any sleep over that!

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