Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Election Day

I just and went and voted. Our town mayor was hanging out at my precinct. He said he never met a woman who didn't ask him for something, except me since he didn't know me. So he asked what I wanted. I told him a job.


Anonymous said...

heheh. How is that job going for you then? :) How many hours is the mayor giving you?

Ya... my wife voted Romney when we had our here in Michigan. Did I tell you that? I voted Fred Thompson... what a waste that was.

Do you have that sinking feeling about the election like I do? We may have a choice between a modern liberal for the GOP and a Stalinist on the Dem side.
Thinking about it makes me feel a bit yucky. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

hey... nothing was really resolved at all was it?
it's still a 3-way on the GOP ticket, and it's still a tie on the Dem ticket... and the libs still outnumber the lone conservative running for president.

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