Monday, February 18, 2008

Creation Lesson

A couple weeks ago on chat I was coming up with the lesson plan for my kids and I ended up doing a project with them on creation.

What I did was I had the scripture passages of creation, and I went day-by-day with them and for each day they added to the Earth what God did. So water, land, animals, sun, etc. If I teach it again next year I would refine it, but its not bad for a 2am spark of desperation.


Plastic (water)
Stickers (fish, birds, flowers, insects)
Easter basket grass (additional vegetation)
Clipart (sun - in the one they did they colored it with crayons, mine is just printed that way)
Construction paper (sky [background], land)
Wedding roses things (more vegetation)

I also had star stickers, which they didn't get a chance to use because I forgot them on the table that day, but some colored them in with a white crayon. They also drew in animals which I haven't done yet, because I draw terribly. Next time if I did it I would have something better for Adam and Eve. I wanted them to draw them in, but the kids never really did that and we ran out of time. But for the most part I like the way it ended up. Maybe some cotton for clouds. I'll have to see if I teach next year.

In the picture you can see my glue is too wet, and I'm a bit light on the number of birds, but those are all I had leftover from when we did it in class. Next time I'm in hobby lobby I might pick up another package just to fill it in a bit.

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