Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Religion in Politics

I'm just so tired of the election already and I'm tired of opponents attacking or questioning each other's religious beliefs. Everybody is worried about Romney being a Mormon, Fred Thompson had his faith questioned because he hasn't mentioned Jesus enough, Iowa voters were told to vote for Huckabee over Brownback because Huckabee is one of us. And now Louisiana Democrats accuse Bobby Jindall of disrespecting Protestants.

Who on Earth would really want to run for anything greater than dog catcher in this country when you have to deal with all this crap?


John said...

What was worse than those things you listed was watching the democratic candidates Sunday trying to answer questions about their faith and praying.

A couple of them almost seemed uncomfortable and panicky.

Anonymous said...

it's pretty shameless and shallow isn't it?

the last decade politicians were so dismissive of President Bush's Christian faith and even poo-pooed it. After losing those elections now they are all trying to be "more Christian" than the others. And to make it worse, the msm has done a fantastic job of being waaaaay over concerned with the faith of the candidates - after they, too, were so dismissive and looked down on such matters the past few elections.

They all end up looking like such dummies

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