Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Milwaukee's Holy Cross Cemetery - Resting place for over 1,000 aborted babies

Milwaukee's Holy Cross Cemetery - Resting place for over 1,000 aborted babies

The first group of aborted babies who were buried at Holy Cross came from a 1984 incident in Milwaukee. A driver for a local laboratory, making rounds at a number of medical clinics and offices, picked up at one of her stops - a Milwaukee abortion mill - the bodies of aborted babies to be taken to the laboratory apparently for analysis and disposal.

According to the news reports, the driver became nauseated as a result of the odor and decided to dump the tiny bodies into a dumpster located at one of her next stops. Later, some young children playing in the area looked into the dumpster and found what they later described to police as "little people".

I find it incredibly disturbing that the law (and apparently half the country) cannot recognize what young children know to be true.

St. James Cemetery in Kenosha has a memorial for aborted babies.

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Scott M. Frey said...

a sad commentary... very sad...

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

Its a sad mark on our society that we have to have such mass graves.

Micki said...

I so agree. Milwaukee is my home town....but now it's Indiana. I can't b elieve this has happened. I'm glad Milwaukee Holy Cross Cememtery is a resting place for these aborted babies.

Alexandra said...

Oh my gosh, abortion is such a ghoulish thing, isn't it! How beautiful that the church stepped up and honored their short lives. Why we allow this I'l never understand.

Anonymous said...


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