Thursday, November 02, 2006

Catholic College Offers Morning-After Pill

I'm so angry at my school right now that I don't even know what to do. I normally don't read the school news paper because its not worth it (we always call it 'Pravda' just so you get an idea of why I think its worthless). But today I was at work and someone gave me a copy of the paper to read, so I decided to scan the headlines to see if there was anything interesting in there before I toss it out. Sure enough there was.

There is a whole big article in there about how the wellness center offers birth control and birth control counseling. Even more it says you can get the morning-after pill for $35 and they state that it is not an abortive pill.

What the heck. Where am I? Is this bizzaro world? Why is a Catholic institution offering birth control, and why are they offering the morning-after pill and telling everyone it is not an abortive pill. I'm just so angry I'm using all of my strength to a) not cry and b) not use foul language.

I don't even know what to do. Is it worth trying to do something through the school - although its clear they think its all ok (as I remember a couple years ago they got in trouble for offering condoms and they had to stop). Or do you call the archdiocese or what. It makes me sick to think they can call this place Catholic.


Anonymous said...

I think you first should email someone in charge (paper trail!), then forward everything to your archdiocese. This is horrible!

Esther said...

I agree with Chris. Also, next time the ask for money from you an alumnus, tell them why you won't contribute any money.
It's an outrage!

Anonymous said...

Gosh... surprising, yet not!

God bless
Maria in the UK

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