Friday, September 29, 2006

Who Do I Read?

I'm sitting here at work with nothing to do and I still have an hour and 15 to go. So I thought it might be interesting to write down who is in my bloglines list now and at some time in the future (probably when I'm bored) look back. It benefits you since you can see all the blogs that I read that are better than this one. I'd like suggestions too if there is someone who I'm missing out on.

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii
AmericanPapist: Not Your Average Catholic! - Musings of Domenico Bettinelli
The Cafeteria Is Closed
Cardinal Seán's Fall Trip To Rome
Catholic Homeschooled Teens
Catholics for Senator Sam Brownback
Conservababes: Right from New Fallujah
The Curt Jester
Dappled Photos
Dappled Things
Domestic Vocation
The hermeneutic of continuity
Just Say No To Hillary Clinton
Palehose Six
phatcatholic apologetics
Priests for Life
Ramblings of a GOP Soccer Mom
Ric's blog
Shouts In The Piazza
Spirit & Life
The thoughts of a catholic mom

1 comment:

Esther said...

I like your list of blogs Sunny, especially since Joey's and mine are listed ;-)
Seriously, I have to update my list. I see a few I missed. Mahalo.

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