Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Write in Candidate?

The title of this blog is Faith and Country - Catholic and Republican, which to me means that this blog should be both about my faith and politics. But going back over my posts I notice that there really aren't any political ones, with only a couple touching lightly on politics.

I'm planning on changing that. I guess I'll start now.

The other day at the retreat I went to there was a lady there who was telling us about a write in candidate for governor this November. Both the Democrat (Blagojevich) and Republican (Topinka) are pro-choice. I looked briefly at this write in candidate's website, and I wasn't immediately impressed with him. He is, according to his page, 100% pro-life, which is my most important issue. So in the coming months I will be thinking more and more what I am going to do on election day. I had up until the time this lady told us about him decided not to vote for governor at all since neither deserved my vote.

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