Monday, July 31, 2006


Its very hot here today. Ended up getting back to my house from Wisconsin around 7am and I fell back asleep around 8:30. Woke up around 10:30 and even though my AC had been on while I was sleeping it was still very hot.

I was going to go out with my friends before going to work, but as I was getting ready I saw a bird trying to enjoy the water in one of the fountains in our backyard. So I went out and filled it up with nice cool water (and our other fountain too, even though the birds don't like it as much).

I think I became very popular among the birds though since as I was putting the hose away there was a ton of birds chirping in the tree right above the fountain, I imagine they were waiting for me to leave before they started splashing. It was all worth making my friends wait so I could make the little birds happy.

I hope everyone is staying safe in the warm weather throughout the country. Even spending just a few minutes outside today was making me sick, I can't imagine all the people that have to work outside.

Although thinking about that, the heat here today is still not anything compared to what our soldiers in Iraq face in full gear all the time.

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