Monday, June 19, 2006

Sex Selection

I'm starting to wonder why I even have a blog when it seems a lot of it is just me pointing to Fr. Jonathan's. I'm starting to notice an increasing number of priests in my favorite published writers list, the big exception being John Kass from the Chicago Tribune.

Here is Fr. Jonathan's take on the sex selection story that came out recently. Apparently wealthy couples are coming to the US to select the gener of their baby, Canadians prefer girls while Chinese couples prefer boys.


Additionally, on a more positive note, I saw this story at zenit about Nuns helping disabled children in Kabul. Well worth a read I think, and especially beautiful in light of the sex selection story, because similarly to sex selection couples are destroying the unborn who may have genetic diseases. While the culture of death destroys beautiful little lives, these sisters are caring for them.

Nuns work for Children in Kabul

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