Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kenny Chesney Song Helps Save Unborn Child, Gives Hope to New Parents

Kenny Chesney Song Helps Save Unborn Child, Gives Hope to New Parents
By Kathleen Gilbert

November 25, 2008 ( - A heart-rending tale of a reluctant young father discovering the joy of sacrificial love, Kenny Chesney's hit country song "There Goes My Life" has stunned audiences with its message of the sanctity of human life since its 2003 debut. The song even appears to have saved the life of at least one unborn child, according to a comment posted under the music video on Youtube, and has possibly played a part in saving others.

The lyrics, written by Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley, capture perfectly the quandary of a young man whose dreams are shattered when he learns his girlfriend is pregnant. "There goes my life," Chesney sings. "There goes my future, my everything. Might as well kiss it all good-bye." In the music video the father of the child is portrayed as a star football player who is forced to give up a promising career to care for his child.

The story fast-forwards two years later when the young man realizes his daughter was no "mistake," but as the chorus eloquently reflects, she embodies "my life, my future, my everything" that he was sure he had lost. The ending reflects on the father years later as he watches the now-teenage girl drive away to college, revisiting once more his agony of detachment after learning to love his daughter's life more than his own.


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