Monday, November 17, 2008

Is It Too Early for Christmas Music?

I think not.

The Lite has been playing Christmas music since at least the weekend when I first heard it. Aided by the return of chilly weather and snow flakes in the air it has put me in the mood for Christmas music again.

Last night I loaded onto my Zune the two Christmas CDs that I bought from St. John Cantius last year. I loaded up my somewhat less traditional music on there too, including Sting's rendition of I Saw Three Ships, which is one of my favorites.

This weekend we're going to work on putting up the Christmas decorations so when family comes over for Thanksgiving they can enjoy them - we don't get a lot of company for Christmas so we might as well put them up so people other than us can see them.

In the past I've complained about the Christmas season beginning too early, which it does. Hobby Lobby has had their Christmas stuff in the aisles for a couple months now and for 50% off. But I'm ready to start enjoying the season once again. After Thanksgiving it all seems to go so fast and Christmas comes and goes and I wonder where the time went. I might as well enjoy it while I can.


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving on the 8th at Travel Man's Mom's house, I've been feeling kind of Christmasy. Especially since there was snow, and this morning there is snow on the ground here in Ol' Virginny.

So I don't know. I want to start belting out the Christmas songs suddenly, too, and it's not even the middle part of Merry Thanksgivoween. Wal Mart makes me confused, too, since I've got Halloween stuff on clearance, Thanksgiving stuff on sale in preparation for the holiday (next week, right?), and Christmas stuff taking up most of the space in the garden center. Oh, and there are two ENORMOUS lit Christmas trees at the entrances to the store.

Maybe it's time to add the carols to the ol' iPod.

Suzanne said...

I work at Hallmark...they've had their things out since right around Halloween! We are now playing the music until, but I just don't want the music getting "old" if that makes sense and maybe it is because I'll hear alot more of the "holiday" type music too. I do plan on saying "Merry Christmas" to the customers...might get complained about, but who cares? Shame on them if I do! We'll see.
ALSO, before I forget, you have an award on my blog...go fetch earned it! :) Suzanneherat

Suzanne said...

I don't know why herat came after my name...I think it was where I place the word verification thingy because for some reason I had to do that twice and now I see something weird by my name...LOL! Anyway...just
plain SUZANNE! :)

steveroni said...

In July I begin playing our Christmas CD's, since I love Xmas music, and my daily 'humming' reflects that.

Being a 'strolling' violinist, people ask me to play "MY" favorite song. Any time of the year, for me, it is "Silent Night". Maybe it is because I have found in Prayer and Meditation, my God, my life, my LOVE.


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