Sunday, November 16, 2008

Joy riders

I thought this was a neat article.

Joy riders
St. Charles bike- shop owner makes disabled kids and vets big wheels
By Luann Grosscup
Special to the Tribune
November 16, 2008

Hal Honeyman doesn't consider himself to be a hero, but circumstances have made him just that to people who have crossed paths with the St. Charles bike shop owner.

"To me, he is a great American hero and a patriot," said Sean McEndree, Kempner, Texas. McEndree, wounded in Iraq in 2004, credits Honeyman with aiding his own recovery from injuries he suffered from a makeshift bomb.

Honeyman helps people with disabilities regain mobility by outfitting them with bicycles adapted to their needs.

He embarked on this mission when he built a bike for his son, Jacob, 15, who was born with cerebral palsy.

"The Bike Rack," said Honeyman of his business, "is a full-range bike shop. Creative Mobility is a division of the Bike Rack where we work with special needs customers, adapting bikes to what they require."

The bike shop has been in the hands of the Honeyman family for 35 years. The shop sells some 100 adaptive bikes a year, and delivery ranges from same-day if the basic bike is in stock to six weeks for a special order.

"People come in and get measured and fitted for the type of bike that is going to best meet their needs," said Honeyman. "We order the bikes from 10 different factories that create bikes for people with disabilities, and then we do adaptations as they are needed."

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steveroni said...

There is a bike shop here in Naples which takes donated bikes, fixes them up, and gives them away to needy persons.

Because of your blog today, I will remember to stop by and tell them "Thank you" again, for their unselfish service to mankind

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