Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm voting for....


Not even a question right now. It looks like in Illinois though it won't matter though, the latest poll gives McCain something like a 20 point lead. I said I'd only vote for Romney if it was close (I was going to vote for Alan Keyes - don't laugh), but a few years ago I said I would never vote for Romney anyway. I guess when your back is to the wall you make the choices you can.

So there it is. Romney.

I never did find anyone to support after Brownback dropped out. Then he put his support behind McCain (I still can't figure that out), but I can't do that. I can't stand McCain. So its Romney. Can't say I trust him on a lot of issues, but he's my best bet and I'm going to take it.


Katrinka Yobotz said...

Please, before you vote for Romney, read this:

You don't say why you aren't going to vote for Alan Keyes. Remember, this isn't a horse race where you "bet" for the one you think can win.

As Catholics, we pray, we research, and we vote our conscience. It's our civic and moral duty.

I believe that if we vote for God's man (or woman), we can trust God with the results.

Derek Elwell said...

I'm not sure I'd vote Alan Keyes dogcatcher.

Romney is a little too shifty to me, I don't particularly like McCain either, but if the alternative to McCain is Hillary, then McCain gets my vote.

If it is Obama however, that could get interesting.

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