Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Hard as Nails"

I saw this article entitled "Controversial Preacher Is 'Hard as Nails'", as I started reading it I did an "Oh why does he have to be Catholic? Why are they always Catholic" but when I went back and reread the first paragraph a phrase stood out to me.

Jumping up and down, getting hit by chairs and telling girls they are fat is hardly the image of a Catholic preacher. But for Justin Fatica, a 29-year-old unordained priest and leader of a nonprofit called Hard as Nails Ministries, that is exactly the point.

What the heck is an 'unordained priest'. If you're unordained then you're just a guy. Right?


Cathy said...

You got that right.
He's not a "priest" (and if he's impersonating one, he's not even Catholic - he's excommunicated) - he's a loudmouth.

And if he called my 16 year old daughter fat, he'd be a toothless loudmouth.

Derek Elwell said...

It's a shame these types and the 'God Hates Fags' group are the ones that get the most attention, while there are other men of the cloth out there doing good work who can't get arrested.

Roxanne said...

wow I can't believe they would even put unordained and priest together in the same sentence!!!!

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