Saturday, December 22, 2007

Empty Manger

Every year Pro-Life Action League does their Empty Manger event where they travel around to various abortion clinics around the city and they gather and sing Christmas Carols. Here is their information about the event, we were at the clinic we normally pray at which is the 10:00 Chicago one on Washington Blvd.

We got there about 9:30, and the one thing I noticed was that the clinic had their blinds open. Everyone we mentioned it to said they had never seen it like that before. The blinds are always shut tight, but today they were open and you could see the nurses and the staff running around doing their work. It was still open when Joe Scheidler and the larger group came, but within a minute or two the blinds were closed up again. The group came and we sang Christmas carols. After Joe and the big group left we stayed and said the Rosary.

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Anonymous said...

Now that's just cool! I am glad they had the windows open :)

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