Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mighty Fitz


Armagost, Michael E. Third Mate
Beetcher, Fred J. Porter
Bentsen, Thomas D. Oiler
Bindon, Edward F. First Assistant Engineer
Borgeson, Thomas D. Maintenance Man
Champeau, Oliver J. Third Assistant Engineer
Church, Nolan S. Porter
Cundy, Ransom E. Watchman
Edwards, Thomas E. Second Assistant Engineer
Haskell, Russell G. Second Assistant Engineer
Holl, George J. Chief Engineer
Hudson, Bruce L. Deck Hand
Kalmon, Allen G. Second Cook
MacLellan, Gordon F. Wiper
Mazes, Joseph W. Special Maintenance Man
McCarthy, John H. First Mate
McSorley, Ernest M. Captain
O'Brien, Eugene W. Wheelsman
Peckol, Karl A. Watchman
Poviach, John J. Wheelsman
Pratt, James A. Second Mate
Rafferty, Robert C. Steward
Riippa, Paul M. Deck Hand
Simmons, John D. Wheelsman
Spengler, William J. Watchman
Thomas, Mark A. Deck Hand
Walton, Ralph G. Oiler
Weiss, David E. Cadet
Wilhelm, Blaine H. Oiler


Anonymous said...

oh - but you need to be ready :) 'Tis the season ... 'tisn't it?

Cathy said...


"JOY! shipmate, joy!
(Pleas’d to my Soul at death I cry;)
Our life is closed—our life begins;
The long, long anchorage we leave,
The ship is clear at last—she leaps!
She swiftly courses from the shore;
Joy! shipmate—joy!"

-Walt Whitman

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