Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I was going through the posts of Livejournal communities I'm on when I saw this quote on the Catholic Quotes Community.

I guess it really spoke to me today because I'm always so insecure about myself, and I don't want to say jealous of the gifts and talents others because jealous is such a strong and negative word... maybe envious... well you get the idea. And I'm such a fan of Fulton Sheen that it really caught my attention.

God has given different gifts to different people. There is no basis for feeling inferior to another who has a different gift. Once it is realized that we shall be judged by the gift we have received, rather than the gift we have not, one is completely delivered from a false sense of inferiority.

- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Taking this quote and applying it to myself, I guess the next step is to pinpoint what my gift or gifts are and start appreciating what God has given me.


Roxanne said...

I think you have a variety of gifts... you are compassionate, caring, a peacemaker and loads of other stuff. Don't worry I often feel like you do. I really don't have any talent other than a little with poetry, but it is limited. So I have often envied others, but determination has become my talent. I am determined to do well at all I try.

EC Gefroh said...

Yes you are and may I add, very kind, understanding and humble...these are gifts that more important than other talents that you may admire. These are what counts. Another thing, you are very steadfast in defending our Faith.

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