Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Archbishop Dolan, New York

I wonder how long it will take Milwaukee to get a replacement.

My favorite Archbishop Dolan story is when he came to visit my parish in (I think it was) 2005. At the very end of mass our pastor presented the Archbishop a gift naming him as an honorary member of the parish. He also gave Dolan his first months worth of envelopes.

He is a very friendly figure, I have quite a few photos of Archbishop Dolan with members of my family. The guy almost always has a smile on his face. That was one of the most striking things about him when I first saw him walk in at mass, he had this big smile.

Now that I've said that though I have a photo of him not smiling, but doing the consecration at my parish when he visited in 2007.

This Is My Body

A Grand Entrance at St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Published: April 14, 2009

In ceremonies marked by solemn Christian ritual and the stagecraft of the grand entrance, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan was warmly welcomed Tuesday night as the new leader and high priest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

Seven weeks after Pope Benedict XVI selected him to succeed Cardinal Edward M. Egan, who is retiring at age 77, Archbishop Dolan, 59, a mirthful pastor and a theological conservative who has headed the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for the last seven years, rapped sharply on the massive bronze front doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In the intricately scripted rite, the doors were pulled open and he proceeded inside for a vespers ceremony — the start of two days of ritual, prayer and music that will make him the most prominent Catholic prelate in the nation.


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