Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is Sick

Couple Sues Quebec Hospital for Not Dehydrating Disabled Infant Daughter to Death
By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

MONTREAL, March 17, 2009 ( - A Quebec couple have launched a $3.5-million lawsuit against Montreal Children's Hospital for allegedly putting their infant daughter back on artificial food and hydration without their approval.

Marie-Eve Laurendeau gave birth to Phebe Mantha at LaSalle Hospital in November 2007. After a difficult delivery Phebe was transferred to Montreal Children's Hospital in serious condition and put on life support.

According to the lawsuit Laurendeau and Phebe's father, Stephane Mantha, were told by doctors that their daughter had little chance for survival and advised them to take her off respiratory support and hydration, to which they agreed.

After withdrawing respiratory support, however, it was found that Phebe could breathe on her own, and the hospital's ethics committee reversed the parents' decision to withhold fluids and food from their baby.


Phebe is now almost 18 months old and, according to a CTV report, smiles at her parents. The parents say that Phebe's mother has had to quit her job to take care of their daughter and they are now living on only one income.

"I would tell them to come to our house for a week and see what it's like to live with a child like ours," said Mantha. "See the involvement that's needed -- the time and energy in terms of everything involved in our life."

How inconvenient that their daughter lived and they have to take care of her. My family would have done anything to be doing that for my sister right now.


Rosemary said...

Oh my goodness, this is so sad. the baby is so beautiful. Good for that ethics committee. This poor mother is not availing herself of the grace God is surely offering her. Lord have mercy.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

What kind of people are they??

Send her to us. We wish we could have had more. But don't let that mother near me, or I'm likely to kick her sorry @$$.

Sorry, that wasn't very Christian of me, was it? And during Lent, too.

*fume, fume, fume!*

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