Thursday, March 19, 2009

It thought It could, It thought It could

Last semester I was taking a class on teaching science, and one of the assignments for the class was to teach a lesson plan to the class as if they were elementary students. I did mine as a lesson on the basic needs of plants for a kindergarten or first grade class. I decided that one thing I wanted to bring with me for the lesson was a plant, as if it were the class plant that students could observe and take care of and sort of connect it to the lesson. I was in the Lowes in Kenosha a few days before the lesson (I think this was in November) and I saw this little plant on clearance. It was something like $.79 and I figured it would be easy just to pick this up so I wouldn't have to move any of my plants at home.

So this poor little clearance $.79 plant went from Wisconsin back home to Chicago. With me to work, then to school, and then after the lesson back home. I think it lost some leaves as they were snapped off. Its been sitting in our sun bay since then. I've been surprised that through my Dad being so sick through all of December and the months since then that its actually been watered. But what surprised me even more this week is that its actually blooming. Its got these pretty purple flowers blooming. I feel bad that I haven't taken better care of it, you can see its still in the plastic container from Lowes. I should find a pot and replant it, although why mess with success at this point.

I think this plant is like the Little Engine That Could.

African Violet


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Adrienne said...

That was one of my favorite books when I was a tot.

As for the violet - you must be a grandma before you can grow really great violets. It's a scientific fact. Really!

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