Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank You Jesus

We have this tradition in our family when we're driving or doing little things and we catch a break to say, "thank you Jesus" or "thank you Lord". I mentioned the habit to my friends once, but they weren't very impressed by it. They said that Jesus wouldn't be too interested in the little occurrences in everyday life and that He didn't have anything to do with those little breaks we catch. I happen to be one to believe that God's hand is in everything, but I told them even if He wasn't involved, I'm sure He likes to be thought of anyway.

I just had a big "thank you Jesus" moment, earlier. Nothing monumental (like the plane that went into the Hudson earlier - that's a big Thank you Jesus moment), but it mattered to me.

Since the New Year the bus schedule that I catch seems to have changed. It used to pick me up somewhere between 5:08 and 5:12. But the past few weeks its been picking me up more like 5:20 and every time the bus is packed and I'm jammed up against the doors. I got out of work at 5, but with the weather being so cold (-10, -29 windchill) I decided it would be prudent to hang around and talk to my coworkers a little. I waited an extra 5 minutes or so, but I figured I'd better get out there to start waiting. So I walked to my stop which is in front of a church. I had brought my camera with to take a couple photos of the pieta they have out in front. I took a couple shots (although I think some of them are shaky) and put my camera back into my purse. I turned around and before I could even get my gloves back on I saw the bus coming. It was 5:10 and I had only been outside for 3 or 4 minutes instead of 20 like I have been the past two weeks. I was never so happy to see a bus in my life and the first thing I thought was 'thank you Jesus'.

Maybe CTA figured on sending out more buses today because it was so cold, or maybe the traffic was lighter today, but whatever the reason I wanted to thank Jesus who is Lord of everything.

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