Sunday, November 23, 2008

Viva Cristo Rey!

Blessed Miguel Pro

A Brief Biography of Miguel Pro

Miguel Pro was born in 1891 in Guadalupe, Mexico. Inspired by family members and God, Miguel joined a Jesuit order at the Hacienda El Llano. Catholic Mexicans suffered much persecution in the early part of the twentieth century. Soon Miguel had to flee to the United States after these anti-Catholic feelings emerged. After studying for several years in Spain, Miguel was ordained in the year 1925 in Belgium. Miguel later returned to Mexico due to a sickness whose suspected cause was the worry over his family's safety. Using various disguises, Miguel carried on his priestly duties. For example, he masqueraded as a beggar in order to easily enter home and perform baptisms or bless marriages. Miguel was executed on November 23, 1927 because he was wrongly suspected in the bombing attempt on a former Mexican President. Pope John Paul II beatified Miguel Pro on September 25, 1988

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