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Father Emil Kapaun’s cause for sainthood to be officially opened

Father Emil Kapaun’s cause for sainthood to be officially opened

Father Kapaun celebrates Mass on the hood of a jeep.Pilsen, KS, Jun 15, 2008 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- The Cause for the Canonization of Father Emil Kapaun, an Army Chaplain who died while in a North Korean Prisoner of War Camp in 1951, will be officially opened on June 29. Father Emil Kapaun, a native of Pilsen, was ordained for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita on June 9, 1940. After serving as a priest in the diocese, Father Kapaun asked to be allowed to serve as a U.S. Army chaplain.

On June 29, Bishop Michael O. Jackels will be the celebrant of the 10 a.m. Mass in Pilsen, Kan., Father Kapaun’s home town. After the celebration of the Mass, a short ceremony will take place in which the officials of the diocesan canonization process will take their oath of office and the Father Emil Kapaun’s Cause for Sainthood will be officially opened.

Upon his return after the war, Father Kapaun studied at Catholic University of America and served once again in the Diocese of Wichita. Answering the Army’s call for chaplains, Father Kapaun once again asked to be released from diocesan work to serve another tour in the Army. On Sept. 25, 1948, Father Kapaun was granted permission to re-enlist in the Army. Chaplain Kapaun proved to be a heroic priest and chaplain to the men that he served. Volunteering to stay behind with the injured, Chaplain Kapaun was captured by the North Korean and Communist Chinese forces.

Chaplain Kapaun’s service to his fellow prisoners has become legendary among those who knew of him. Scores of men attribute their survival to Chaplain Kapaun, enlivening their hope in better days to come. Chaplain Kapaun was taken to the camp hospital, known to the prisoners as the “death house” where he died on May 23, 1951.

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steveroni said...

An on or about May 23, 1951, I was graduating from St Xavier High School in Cincinnati...scared to death of being inducted into the Army, and sent to Korea. As we 'registered' for the draft (the whole class) I tried to think of ways I coule escape that fate. It never happened...

And from that moment I wasted 22 years, and reveled in a life of chaos and drunkeness, until God led me to Alcoholics Anonymous in 1974 March 18. After a time of working the wonderful program (so similar to our religious practices

AA brought me back to God, Who I discovered never had left me. So now I get to help others in what I know best--recovery from a fatal disease. AND how to grow in spirituality, which has led me to a peace beyond understanding, happiness, and serenity (of sorts!).

Thanks for letting me spout off here. And thanks for all the great info and spiritual stuff I find on this site!!!
Steve E.

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